GetUp Fitness Apparel


GetUp Apparel was made in Toronto to inspire individuals of all fitness levels to get up off the couch and live more active lifestyles. Regular exercise is absolutely crucial in maintaining good physical and mental health in the information age with increasingly more sitting time.

Even if you aren't comfortable in your own skin, we hope you can at least be comfortable in one of our shirts. If you can turn someone's head, you can change the direction they're moving in. Our products are designed to turn heads, crack a smile, and give you the confidence to push farther than you thought possible. You don't have to be a knock out. You just have to show up with the right attitude. Everyone has to start from somewhere. It's not about where you are starting, it's that you started something new, sparked a change and took charge in the direction of your wellness.

The GetUp Founders

Roman Kim
Technical & Marketing Director

When Roman started his full-time career working in an office, he noticed sitting all day and not getting regular exercise took a toll on his body and energy levels. After joining a gym and starting running, doing calisthenics and bootcamp-style circuits, he really noticed the difference both to his physical and mental well-being. Roman says working out is a vacation for his brain, from his day.

Despite being shy and quiet, Roman is a motivational force. He builds people up and makes them believe they can do better and keep going, through compassion and positivity. Since he can’t encourage everyone in the world, he likes to think that with these designs, he’s got your back…and front. At GetUp, Roman uses his skills as Full-stack digital marketer with expertise in SEO, display ads, and website development to encourage people to make positive changes in their lives.


Mae-Lynn Slater
Product Development & Creative Director

For most of her lifer, Mae-Lynn has been a dedicated couch potato, and proud of it. However, after a series of back injuries, she eventually turned to yoga for her chronic back pain. Astonished by the amount her back pain diminished and how yoga prevented and minimized any new injuries, she also welcomed an unanticipated mindfulness and renewed energy. Mae-Lynn is now an avid yogi and refuses to live any more than a five-minute walk from her favourite yoga studio. The old lazy person inside her still doesn’t want to have to walk too far to get to yoga, but hey she's walking!

No stranger to body insecurities, Mae-Lynn enjoys self-deprecating humour, which she uses liberally when designing for GetUp. She hopes to use her design skills to empower others who want to start moving, exercising and making positive changes, wherever they are in their personal journey.